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I am a huge proponent of surveying a business’ current audience to uncover needs and wants that the audience has that said business is unaware of.  Many of the businesses I work with are considered small businesses, and small businesses overall tend to bristle at the thought of research within their community.  I am not certain why this is?  Perhaps concern that one will not appear all-knowing?  I do know that when the phrase “Let’s do some market research”, it tends to sound like someone wants to spend $$$$.

For small businesses, Survey Monkey can frequently provide an economical platform from which to survey their consumers.  As stated by Robert Bain, CEO of Survey Monkey to research-live.com.  Survey Monkey (and obviously surveys in general) can be used for customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, event feedback, et al — to make better and more informed decisions.  In Madison, WI we are fortunate to have two local polls that are provided on a quarterly basis.  Traditionally, I have used to polls to gauge awareness of both my client and my clients advertising.  It’s amazing how much information you can get from very simple questions.

Does your small business use any market research?  If yes, what kind of research and how do you implement the findings into your business plan and/or marketing?

Written by apothecarycomm

2010/07/19 at 9:03 am