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Word of Mouth and Social Marketing Case Studies

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I have been reading through the white papers on the Word of Mouth Association’s website.  I have been absolutely fascinated with how different companies are using the internet and word of mouth to further the branding and extending their marketing dollars.  WOMA has some pretty great entry level papers to read through that could prompt some ideas of how to further your own brand.

Kohls and Social NetworkingKohl’s worked with Cafe Momto identify the top 20 member  on the website and provided each mom with a $250 gift certificate and directions to purchase items and blog about the purchases.

Clear Channel and music lovers – Clear Channel Radio launched a website called New! to “discover musicians and introduce audiences to new and developing audiences”.  Clear Channel located, targeted and spread online word-of-mouth buzz to musicians and bands.  In turn, these bands will provide word of mouth to their fans to look at the New! website for music.  Great buzz for a company that is frequently accused of not paying any attention to the local music scene.

The Coffee Bean & Tea LeafThe Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf  Philippines wanted to “reach out to a younger market while increasing walk-ins, trial and sales”.  To inspire a new generation of brand ambassadors with a consumer generated media campaign called “What’s Your Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Story?”  This  promotion encouraged customers to submit stories, videos and photos of their memorable moments at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  The results can be seen at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Whats Your Story?

The final recommended white paper is from The Gap and creating a viral campaign – While I realize not everyone has The Gap’s marketing budget, this is a viral campaign that any retail business can apply to their own business.  The Gap selected 100 women from the company’s top 10 markets and proclaimed these women ambassadors of the Gap’s new denim fits.  ”

Once identified, Gap Ambassadors were given an assortment of tools to use to communicate within their social circles: a website, emails, evites, and invitations to their own style party. The marquee event of the program was a private style party hosted by Gap for each Ambassador and 30 of her closest friends. The parties were designed to drive awareness and trial of Gap’s new denim fits in a fun, hip, and most importantly, relaxed environment. After each event, guests were given their favorite pair of jeans, 10 friends and family discount cards, a special 20% discount offer just for them, and a much sought after gift bag.”

The WOMA white papers, for the most part, provide great statistical information as well.  These white papers are a great read for brainstorming.

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2009/07/15 at 6:35 pm

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