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Best Practices for Brands and Facebook & Twitter

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How are you using Social Network Marketing to interact with your customers and prospective customers

Mashable which bills itself as The Social Media Guide (and I have to say it really sort of is) has several really great lists that should be looked at to see how business are using social network mediums in really customer-centric ways. 

 The article Killer Facebook Fan Pages shows examples from Pringles, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Adidas and Red Bull.  The common trait from these examples is that the businesses are wholeheartedly dedicated to interacting with the fans of their brands.  Each has made Facebook their own, Pringles using comedy videos. Coca-Cola uses pictures of showing off the product, workers at the company, photos of Coke fans, pictures of Coke products from all around the world, and pictures of old Coke nostalgia.  Starbucks provides a wide-range of interesting content.  Addidas uses their Facebook page for exclusive contests and to promote their other social media.  Meanwhile, Red Bull offers great interaction in the form of their applications section (must be seen!).  The conclusion the author offers is a great takeaway “The key takeaways are that you have to know your audience, you have to provide quality, regular content, you need to encourage discussion and engagement, and you must not take yourself too seriously.”

 Mashable also offers up a really great overview of Twitter Best Practices for Brands.  Have you utilized any of these on your branded Twitter account?

  • Do your research before engaging your customers
  • Determine Twitter goals
  • Use a branded profile
  • Build your Twitter equity and credibility
  • Track metrics and conversation trends
  • Don’t go overboard; less structure is better
  • Listen and observe before engaging
  • Be authentic & believable
  • Track, measure, and iterate
  •  Don’t just strategize: execute!

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