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Co-op advertising dollars.  Now there’s a fun topic for a Monday…

 Cooperative advertising is an agreement between a manufacturer and a merchant in which the manufacturer will compensate the merchant in part or in full for advertising dollar output.   A terrific overview of how cooperative advertising works can be found at the Business Owners Toolkit .  Generally speaking, cooperative advertising will pay for portion of approved advertising based upon a percentage of orders previously placed with a manufacturer.  Many different forms of advertising can apply towards cooperative advertising budgets; ranging from Yellow Page and print advertising ads to television commercials to signage.

 I have noticed recently, in local advertising, that there appears to be decreased product advertising for brands, and therefore, I imagine, less coop advertising being used.  When it comes to getting the most for your advertising monies, co-op advertising can be a great opportunity.  Have you researched the cooperative dollars your vpartners offer?  Is the intimidation of the perceived scale of this project too much?  Do you NOT want to touch your potential customers frequently?

Any time one can take, or hire another person to take, to research the cooperative advertising dollars available is to the advantage of the retailer.  It will provide your business with extra money to advertise and to advertise more frequently (and in a down economy, this is to your business’ benefit,  as some studies are showing that it is taking up to 25% -50% more advertising impressions to get a sale in this economic environment).

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2009/07/06 at 11:34 pm

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