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I saw Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist speak on Monday at the monthly Madison Advertising Federation lunch.  Overall I liked her, she has an awesome snarky attitude.  However, I was reading through her blog and a post caught my attention that I thoroughly disagree with.  The post was about how bloggers should not have to divelge conflict of interest.  I couldn’t disagree with this statement more.  If I am reading a blog for expertise in a subject matter, and the blogger is being paid,either in product or money, I expect to be informed of this.  One of Penelope’s arguments is that her readers should expect that she is only going to recommend good companies paid or not.  True, however, with the blogs that have a larger audience it is expected that these bloggers are closer to the integrity of a journalist – not the salesperson in the ad department of the publication. ProBlogger worded it best “…the end of the day, trust is the only real currency in the blogosphere, and people who read blogs have the expectation that they’re getting at the truth — in whatever form the truth is to them.

I still recommend working with bloggers wholeheartedly, particularly as newspaper and publication readership is down, however request transparency.  Forrester Research, Inc. , a publicly traded,  independent research company that provides  advice to leaders in business and technology, recommends the following when working with bloggers as part of your marketing plan:

Know FTC rules about sponsored dialog  and educate everyone involved.

Mandate absolute disclosure and transparency.

Ensure authenticity.

Be relevant and provide value.

Don’t talk and walk away.

Choose your partners wisely.

Start small.

Read Forrester Research’s complete article about Sponsored Conversation here.


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2009/06/24 at 2:10 pm

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  1. I agree with you. Just from an ethical standpoint I believe it is important to share with your readers if your endorsement or critique is through financial gain. If someone is giving you free product or money so you can blog about them, I would think it is hard to be completely honest and forthright with your commentary.


    2009/06/24 at 3:08 pm

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