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PR and Mommy Bloggers

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In recently had a conversation with the owner of a local store about Mommy Bloggers.  Her initial take on these women was not necessarily positive.  I have been watching from afar to see how this group of women works and I do find it fascinating.  It is taking Public Relations to an international level.

How can these women be used to the advantage of your business?  Like any niche, these women have a die-hard following that will look at their blogs, their tweets and their Facebook pages every day and take the recommendation of the mommy bloggers very serious.  Large businesses that have used this group of bloggers include Johnson & Johnson, Nintendo, P&G and Sony. 

Small businesses can take advantage of mommy bloggers as well.  WebSavyPR.comprovides an excellent overview of how to work with mom bloggers, as does Business Week.  The most basic interaction is to invite local bloggers (and blog moms) to your company to interact with your product or service.  Be honest with the bloggers on what your expectations are and be certain to find out what their expectations are.  Some bloggers work on a pro-rated basis, others will blog in exchange for product.  Be aware positive or negative, bloggers will be forthright in their opinion – positive or negative.

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2009/06/18 at 3:55 pm

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  1. I’ve had great success raising awareness of new products with Mommy Bloggers, many of them are quite savvy and incredible PR practitioners in their own right. (They understand the power of putting video featuring product up online and how this practice makes brand managers salivate.) They are, as a whole, very easy and gracious to work with and we have been delighted. I think the store owner you spoke with must have a case of “sour grapes!” I know I’m jealous – wish I had been a mommy blogger when I was freelancing, and who knows, I just might become one some day.

    Fancy Lad

    2009/06/18 at 4:23 pm

  2. Last year I was contacted by a PR person for Method (natural cleaning supplies). She had located a post I wrote on my blog about cleaning. She was coming to Mpls and wondered if I would sponsor a “Method Mavens” party – like Tupperware, except with their products. Sounded great – unfortunately it didn’t work out, as Minneapolis was cut from their list of cities to visit/promote. To make up for it she sent me a huge box of Method products, a tote bag and a Method book on cleaning. Pretty nice, eh?

    renee brown

    2009/06/18 at 7:05 pm

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