Curing your marketing ills

Is your business purpose driven?

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How does having a purpose driven company mash up with advertising you ask?  Hiring employees that are in agreement with your values and the purpose of your business are going to open the doors to word of mouth about your business.  A great overview article on purpose driven business’ can be seen here.

Tina Olivero – CEO of Transformational Training Studio, asks the following questions to create structures in your workplace that will support people being on purpose, so that work has special meaning and connection:

  • The place we are today, how did I create this? How can we create connection, peace and purpose?
  • The place I want to work, becomes a place of personal expression and purpose, what structures do I need to create this?
  • When I look back on my working career I want it to be meaningful. What do I need to do to create that?
  • How can I develop creativity, imagination, and vision within myself and my people that will make a difference and have us in alignment with our mission?
  • How can I foster, courage, persistence, and passion in pursuit of the goals and missions of our people, teams and outcomes?
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